Recovering a Unify CMS Website

Recently I was hired for a job where a website built in Unify CMS need to be recovered. The site’s front-end was working but the back-end was not.

Those who don’t know about Unify, let me explain that it was an inline editing CMS that went defunct. One of its biggest problem that it used to store all login and preferences information in its online login and preference server. As the Unify site went down, all backed stopped working.

I looked into the issue and came up with using Couch CMS for the client. Client was not tech savvy, so the requirement was to use a CMS as simple as possible. I marked the editable regions on the web pages and delivered the site.

MySQL Server has gone away


The client’s website using Woocommerce is having problems with MySQL server. The products page does not load and query execution timeout expired.

Client Locaion

Hallettsville, United States


I repaired and optimized the  MySQL server. Some minor errors on the site were also corrected.  The website runs perfectly now!